Nolte: Woke Nazis Target 'Cobra Kai' for Destruction as Too White

Nolte: Woke Nazis Target 'Cobra Kai' for Destruction as Too White

It was only a matter of time before the anti-art Woke Nazis targeted Cobra Kai for annihilation. After all, this is what these monsters do: target everything we all love, everything universal so that it becomes divisive.

As I’ll explain in detail below, these attacks on Cobra Kai for being too white have nothing to do with “diversity.” The real goal is to keep us as divided as possible by stringing partisan tripwires through every possible walk of life.

Hey, do you remember American life before all these woketards and cry-bullies arrived? Regardless of our differences, shows like Cobra Kai gave us something in common to talk about, to enjoy together as a culture. Remember when American life was that way for a lot of things, like sports? Well, the left took sports away from us. Same with comic books, video games, and music.

Now they’re coming for Cobra Kai.

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