Nolte: Woke Crusade to Give Greta Gerwig a 'Little Women' Oscar Fails


America’s Woke Fascists launched an affirmative action crusade to win Greta Gerwig a Best Director Oscar, and that effort just exploded on the launch pad.

Gerwig did not even win a nomination.


Granted, I haven’t seen Gerwig’s Little Women, and according to the Wokesters in the Fake Media, that makes me problematic (by the way, I love being problematic. I want my tombstone to read: “He Spent His Life Being Problematic.”). My sin here is that I’m a guy who isn’t interested in seeing the umpteenth remake of Tinseltown’s ultimate chick flick. Actually, my sin is far worse. After all, I’m a guy paid to see movies, who can literally brag: They couldn’t pay me to see Little Women.

Yes, I am history’s greatest monster.

Not having seen Little Women, though, means I cannot argue whether or not Gerwig deserves an Oscar nod based on merit. The movie itself won a Best

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