Nolte: 'Tenet' and 'Wonder Woman' Prove Movies Are Still Dead

Nolte: 'Tenet' and 'Wonder Woman' Prove Movies Are Still Dead

Director Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was supposed to “save the movies.” What you have in Tenet is a brand new, original blockbuster from a brand name director with a perfect track record and a rabid fan base. Cool trailers. A $200 production budget. Tenet is going to save the movies, right? Perfect movie to get people back in theaters, right?


Young people used to go to the movies. Young people have very little to personally worry about when it comes to the coronavirus. Young people are not returning to the movies.

Stateside, Tenet opened in 2,810 theaters over a three-day holiday weekend and grossed just $20.2 million.

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And that was the good news.

The following weekend, just this last weekend, while still in 2,810 theaters, Tenet grossed just $6.7 million, a calamitous drop of 67 percent.

I didn’t write anything about Tenet that first weekend, even though you would have

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