Nolte: Rush Limbaugh's Greatest Virtue

Nolte: Rush Limbaugh's Greatest Virtue

Not long after learning of Rush Limbaugh’s death, I jumped in the car to run an errand, and there he was, booming through the speakers of my car just like he has between noon and 3:00 for more than 30 years, for more than half my life. The brilliance, good humor, and optimism; the modesty of his false bravado; the confidence and intelligence and insight. Of course, it wasn’t a live broadcast. It was a “best of” show. But for just a moment, I forgot he was dead, and then, I remembered he was, and it hit me all over again… The end of an era… The loss of a mentor and teacher I had never met… The loss of the comfort of knowing that voice was out there…

“Rush Limbaugh is irreplaceable.” I wrote that almost exactly a year ago when his cancer diagnosis was first announced. It feels even

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