Nolte: National Poll — Donald Trump 47%, Joe Biden 46%

Nolte: National Poll — Donald Trump 47%, Joe Biden 46%

President Donald Trump has taken a 47 to 46 percent national lead from the aging and enfeebled Joe Biden in the latest polling from Rasmussen.

“The survey of 2,500 Likely Voters was conducted September 9-10 and 13-15,” per the polling firm, and this is more proof of Trump’s momentum. In this same poll last week, Biden was up 48 to 46 percent. The week prior Biden was up 49 to 45 percent. That is a steady five point total shift in Trump’s direction over two weeks.

In Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll, Trump now enjoys a 52 percent job approval rating, compared to just 46 percent who disapprove. That puts him six points above water after a dismal summer that saw those numbers reversed (and worse) at times.

A good faith search of Trump’s disapproval rating, shows that 46 percent number might he his lowest yet in this particular poll.

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