Nolte: N-Word Usage Score -- Bidens 15, Trumps 0

Nolte: N-Word Usage Score — Bidens 15, Trumps 0

Well, well, well… Not only has His Fraudulency Joe Biden used the N-word at least 13 times (that we know of), but that chip off the old block named Hunter Biden has used it at least three times (that we know of).

The racist apple does not fall far from the racist tree.

Oh, but former President Trump, the man the fake news media, Democrats, Big Tech, academia, and Hollywood assured us was a demonic racist; how many times has he been caught uttering the N-word, or any racial slur? Zip, zero, nada, not once, not ever…

Literally, billions and billions of corporate media dollars and Democrat party dollars and dark money dollars have been spent, along with countless man-hours, looking for even one racist slur Trump’s uttered, just one that a man who’s been world-famous for four decades has uttered. They came up so empty all they could

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