Nolte: Michael Bloomberg Loves China, Will Ban Guns and Big Gulps


While President Michael Bloomberg allows China to do whatever it wants, Americans will be stripped of their firearms, french fries, and Big Gulps.

Oh, please run, Bloomy…

Please, please, please run…

It’s been fascinating to scan all the “professional analysis” looking to explain why Bloomberg is seriously considering a run for the Democrat nomination. You know, all the big thinks from the geniuses who believe they can explain human nature. These big thinks run the gamut from 1) Joe Biden is faltering, which opens up a center lane (geniuses love terms like “center lane”), to 2) Bloomberg believes his entry will help Biden over the finish-line by soaking up some of the progressive hate, to 3) Bloomberg can siphon votes away from Biden, thus ensuring Trump’s re-election.

Just reading this stuff makes you dumber.

How about…

Oh, I don’t know…

He wants to be president?

How about… He’s pushing 78,

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