Nolte: Government Can't Save You -- Not Even in Texas

Nolte: Government Can't Save You — Not Even in Texas

It’s mind-boggling how dependent the modern American is for life-sustaining services — and this includes Texans. Unless you grow your own food, cut your own wood for heat, and haul or pump your own water, you are completely dependent when it comes to the basics that sustain your life: food, water, and heat.

And this dependence is not just about what you need to survive. How are those government-run schools working out for you?

Yes, we are truly blessed to live in extraordinary times: central heat and air conditioning, penicillin, electricity, comfortable travel,  an abundance of food…

My father, a second-generation American born in 1940, grew up knowing hunger and shoveling coal in the middle of the night to keep the house warm.

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Can you imagine a kid today not getting enough to eat or eating a lard sandwich or being told to get out of bed at three a.m.

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