Nolte: Box Office Not Expected to Recover Next Year

Nolte: Box Office Not Expected to Recover Next Year

The far-left Deadline reports that as far as the 2021 box office, “in the short term, sources expect Q1 and Q2 2021 to be quite soft.” In fact, people are wondering if the new James Bond movie, which is expected to hit theaters in late March/early April will actually open or move later into the year.

Overall, though, people are optimistic that things will eventually return to normal as far as movie-going goes. This optimism is based on the fact that China has returned to normal, as Deadline reported, “China demonstrated remarkable buoyancy after cinemas reopened in July and never looked back. Its war epic The Eight Hundred was the highest-grossing film worldwide in 2020.”

Too bad no one in China bothered to see Wonder Woman 1984, which is flopping something terrible over there, along with pretty much everywhere else.

So there are all these movies … Top Gun 2, Black Widow,

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