Nolte: Biden Family Corruption Spreads Into Coronavirus Response

Nolte: Biden Family Corruption Spreads Into Coronavirus Response

According to the far-left Politico, we can now add Joe Biden’s son-in-law to the members of the Biden family who have put themselves into a position to profit off the former vice president’s position and power.

Biden’s daughter, Ashley, is married to Philadelphia head and neck doctor Howard Krein. The two met in 2010 and married in 2012.

Currently,  Krein serves as chief medical officer for a firm called StartUp Health, an investment firm that, according to Politico, “unveiled a new coronavirus initiative soliciting pitches from entrepreneurs with products that addressed the outbreak.”

And now Krein is advising the Biden campaign on the coronavirus.

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The conflict of interest here is obvious. Krein is not only in a position to shape policy in a way advantageous to his firm, he can get a heads up on what’s coming. For an investment company, that’s the Golden Ticket.

Politico reports:

Even informal input

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