Nolte: Be Prepared for Democrats to Cancel Christmas

Nolte: Be Prepared for Democrats to Cancel Christmas

There was all this talk before the election from people on the right who believed the hysteria over the coronavirus pandemic would end after the election. I never really bought that. It made sense that people believed that. After all, it was blatantly obvious, especially with mail-in voting, that Democrats and their media allies were exploiting the China virus for political advantage.

To me, though, this political exploitation went deeper than just a presidential election. Softening us up, getting us used to being locked down, slow boiling us into accepting the normalcy of a governor conjuring up the power to pretty much declare martial law without the authority of the legislature, seemed to me to be the real goal here.

And that’s what’s happening. In one Democrat-run state after another, the legislature is proving to be a gang of eunuchs while Govs. Whitmer (D-MI), Newsom (D-CA), Cuomo (D-NY), et al,

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