No Video Footage Of Epstein’s Apparent Suicide Exists

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Well, this is convenient.

Not only was Jeffrey Epstein off of suicide watch at the time of his death on Saturday, but there were no cameras watching when he supposedly hung himself in his jail cell.

According to law enforcement, all nine cameras inside MCC, where Epstein was imprisoned, are focused on outside areas, and there are none inside of jail cells.

As for why Epstein was not caught or stopped, according to sources, the prison guards failed to adhere to standard procedures the night Epstein killed himself. 

Since the prison was short-staffed, the two guards on duty were working overtime and violated the jail’s standard procedure of checking on prisoners every 30 minutes. 

Apparently, Epstein’s cellmate just happened to be moved out of the cell just before Epstein’s death, so Epstein was alone in his cell – another violation of procedure.

Take a look at this update into the circumstances of Epstein’s death that is breaking out on

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