No, The Lack Of ‘Diversity’ Among Political Cartoonists Isn’t A Crisis

No, The Lack Of ‘Diversity’ Among Political Cartoonists Isn’t A Crisis

One would think in an America still suffering the social and economic devastation stemming from a global pandemic, we wouldn’t need to manufacture new crises. The deaths, lost jobs, school closures, and ugly political gamesmanship — among other things — have been quite enough, thank you very much.

But set aside your mourning, depression, and fatigue, for the Washington Post has manufactured another utterly artificial injustice supposedly worthy of our outrage and protest: the lack of women and minority political cartoonists.

As one of the nation’s most prominent newspapers, the Post stands ready to solve this manufactured inequity! As absurd as this story is, however, it serves as a further reminder that what Scott Yenor calls the “rolling revolution” always has costs and casualties.

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“Whither the female and LGBTQ political cartoonists and creators of color on staff at mainstream American newspapers?” the Feb. 16 Post feature asks. Citing the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, the WaPo notes that there

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