No, Joe Rogan, Jesus Was Not A Psychedelic Mushroom


Conspiracy theories are a bit like Greek gods and goddesses. No matter who you are, there’s one tailor-made to appeal to all your vices.

In the same way that Hera, the goddess of family and childbirth, appealed to overly nervous, distrusting helicopter moms in Ancient Greece, “vaccines cause autism” appeals to overly nervous, distrusting helicopter moms today. In both cases, women who don’t want to admit their foibles are drawn to belief systems that sanctify their faults.

Likewise, in the same way that Dionysus appealed to ancient Greek inebriates who wanted to justify their love of drunkenness, thanks to podcaster Joe Rogan, today’s drug enthusiasts have a new conspiracy theory that will confirm all their preexisting biases concerning hallucinogenic drugs — a conspiracy that could best be summed up as, “Actually, Jesus was a psychedelic mushroom.”

The Joe Rogan Psychedelic Mushroom Theory

In a recent episode of his podcast, while interviewing author Michael Malice, Rogan mentioned “The Sacred Mushroom

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