No Definitive Evidence Shows Trump Rallies Are ‘Superspreaders’ Of Covid-19, Health Data Shows

No Definitive Evidence Shows Trump Rallies Are ‘Superspreaders’ Of Covid-19, Health Data Shows

There is no significant evidence that President Trump’s campaign rallies have been “superspreaders” of Covid-19, a Daily Caller analysis of of publicly available health data has found. State health officials responsible for maintaining such data concur that Covid-19 numbers cannot be directly tied to campaign rallies. 

Speculation from some observers before and during the events raised alarms that they could worsen the ongoing pandemic. But a combination of publicly available statistics on the spread of Coronavirus and analysis from public health experts concludes that the President’s campaign rallies cannot be tied to spikes in Covid-19 infections in their surrounding areas, if cases in the area even increased, which not all did. (RELATED: ‘It Looks Like COVID-Palooza’: Sunny Hostin Blasts Trump Over Pennsylvania Rally)

The Daily Caller reviewed case data provided by state and county authorities where the Trump campaign held public events. The number of new infections on the day that rallies took place was compared to the number of new infections one week, two weeks and one month later in each location to determine if there was a significant increase in new infections post-rally. Seven-day averages of new infections were used where available.

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