No, Cancel Culture Isn’t Stolen From Black People

No, Cancel Culture Isn’t Stolen From Black People

When I lived in Thailand for three years, I saw a lot of curious attempts to mimic American culture. There is Thai hip hop, Thai country, and even Thai heavy metal. I lived through three Thai Christmases and Halloweens (despite the country being 95 percent Buddhist). I sat through innumerable Thai soap operas as I ate lunch at a cafeteria near work.

You can judge for yourself whether any of these things succeed. I confess I was typically more dismayed than delighted, although I tried to remind myself that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Not so for Clyde McGrady and the editors at the Washington Post. McGrady in a April 2 article explains that he views imitation as yet another manifestation of “cultural appropriation.” That includes conservatives (he focuses exclusively on attacking white conservatives, but obviously there are plenty of non-white conservatives) who are raising alarm bells regarding the dangers of cancel culture. Because, you see, the

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