Nikki Haley Issues Stark Warning on China: “Our Foremost National Security Concern”


Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley issued a stark, grave warning to the the world with regards to the threat from China.

In an address in South Korea at the Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul, Haley described China as the US’s “foremost national security concern.” She also issued a warning, advising people to be aware that the conventional wisdom regarding the far-eastern superpower is “dead.”

“China has become our foremost national security concern,” she said in her address in Seoul, South Korea. “Does this mean it’s America’s enemy? No. Not necessarily. At one and the same time it is a principal trade and investment player, our chief strategic competitor, and our most serious potential military antagonist.”

According to Fox News:

The former South Carolina governor dismissed the theory of convergence, which predicted that as China grew wealthier, it would have to liberalize politically at home and therefore become similar to the U.S. in

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