Nickelodeon Taps Drag Queen To Teach Kids About The Pride Flag

Nickelodeon Taps Drag Queen To Teach Kids About The Pride Flag

Nickelodeon, the children’s network, debuted a video over the weekend featuring drag queen Nina West explaining the colors of the LGBTQ Pride flag, the latest in a series of materials aimed at explaining Pride month to Nickelodeon viewers, most of whom are children.

The video, “The Meaning of Pride,” dropped on Nickelodeon’s YouTube page over the weekend, and clips of the three-minute-long music video, which features an original song by West (the drag persona of Andrew Levitt) explaining why the Pride flag uses the colors of the rainbow, have made their way onto Nickelodeon’s official TikTok profile.

In the music video, West goes through each color of the flag and explains the more recent additions of pink, white, light blue, black, and brown stripes, meant to signify solidarity with the transgender rights and Black Lives Matter movements.

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An official description for the video on Nickelodeon’s YouTube profile trumpets, “Drag queen Nina West performs an original song about the meaning of the rainbow

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