NFL Fans Rain Down Boos During Social Justice 'Moment of Silence'

NFL Fans Rain Down Boos During Social Justice 'Moment of Silence'

Social media was ablaze Thursday night during the NFL’s grand return.

This time, however, it had absolutely nothing to do with national anthem protests.

Instead, the social media controversy was focused on what the fans did, and not the players.

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After the playing of the national anthem, but before kickoff, players and coaches from the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs gathered midfield for a “moment of silence.”

But this demonstration apparently didn’t sit well with many of the fans at Arrowhead Stadium.

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Take a listen:

A moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country. #ItTakesAllOfUs

— NFL (@NFL) September 11, 2020

The Chiefs fans, whose numbers at Arrowhead were diminished with the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, were still loud enough for the booing to be very audible.

Social media came alive with various observers blasting the Chiefs fans as “racists”

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