NFL 2020 Regular Season Ratings Crash 7 Percent

NFL 2020 Regular Season Ratings Crash 7 Percent

Not only did the NFL not get the ratings boost they were looking for in 2020, but their ratings actually crashed by seven percent.

According to Sports Media Watch, the NFL has lost an average of one million viewers since 2019.

The site noted that the league “averaged 15.4 million viewers, excluding make-up games — down 7% from last year (16.5M), down 2% from the 2018 season (15.8M) and the league’s smallest audience since 2017 (15.0M). According to The Hollywood Reporter, the league averaged 14.9 million with makeup games included.”

Fox had the highest viewership for 2020, but its two highest games were still down six and five percent from last year, the site reported. Fox finished the season with the best Week 17 audience of the rest, up to ten percent with 23.2 million viewers.

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CBS came in second with an average of 16.5 million viewers, down four percent from

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