Newt Gingrich Blasts Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Emotional Commitment To Being Destructive Is Really Quite Remarkable’


How A Fake Imam, The Krassenstein Brothers And A Canadian Played Roles In A Dubious Story About Ilhan Omar And Qatar

Anonymous Author Issues Warning For Trump: He ‘Will Hear From Me’ Before Election

FACT CHECK: Did Nancy Pelosi Say, ‘Americans Are The Stupidest People On Earth’?

White House Derides Oregon Judge For Halting Trump’s Immigrant Health Care Rule

Crowd Cracks Up When Trump Engages Bail Bondsman Rally Attendee To Ask About Hunter Biden And ‘Sleepy Joe’

Trump To Designate Mexican Drug Cartels As Terrorist Groups

Salman Rashid Charged With Allegedly Plotting ISIS Attacks In America After Getting Expelled From College

Devin Nunes Accuses Fusion GPS Of Retaliation After Book Reveals Oppo Research Campaign

SMOKE BREAK: A Grand Total Of ZERO NFL Teams Have Called Kaepernick Since His Workout

‘Nice Gimmick’: Newt Gingrich Mocks Kamala Harris Over Iowa Thanksgiving Plans


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