New York’s Vaccine Passport is Already a Disaster!

New York’s Vaccine Passport is Already a Disaster!

The tyrannical NY State government was the first to roll out COVID-19 vaccine passports.

Go figure.

They dubbed it the “Excelsior Pass” and hailed it the digital ticket to return to normalcy.

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No, only their Orwellian type of normal.

Made by IBM (an automatic run for your life flag), the vaccine passport is nothing but tyranny in the form of an app.

With the new invention, New Yorkers were met with the reality of showing proof of your jab or a negative COVID-19 test to attend events.

Concerts and large sporting events were already included.

But any business can participate if they please.

A tool to wage war on New Yorkers.

However, the tables have turned on the tyrants.

For now at least.

The app is failing miserably and not functioning like the control freaks hoped.

Check it out:

FWIW, New York-IBM Vax Pass is already a total disaster:

— Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel) April 6, 2021

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