New York Times union wants ‘sensitivity reads’ as part of editorial process

New York Times union wants ‘sensitivity reads’ as part of editorial process

A union representing some 1,200 New York Times employees is urging that articles be subjected to “sensitivity reads.”

The News Guild of New York said its reps recommended the extra layer of vetting during a meeting with the Grey Lady’s leadership earlier this month over how to make the paper “more diverse and equitable.”

The meeting came in response to a newsroom uproar over Republican Sen. Tom Cotton’s controversial op-ed.

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“Diversity, inclusion and equity is not a static goal. It is an ongoing commitment that must be implemented in every facet of the company,” the Guild wrote in a memo.

The suggestions include diversifying the paper’s workforce, annually publishing data that includes information on demographics in hiring, promotion, and retention and investing in mentorship programs for people of color.

But one proposal raised some eyebrows on social media.

“Get it right from the beginning: sensitivity reads should happen at the beginning of the publication process, with compensation for those

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