New York City Must Find Its Solace In The Heroes Of 9/11

New York City Must Find Its Solace In The Heroes Of 9/11

Today it is 19 years since the terror attack that killed 3,000 people out of a clear blue New York City sky. It feels strange to say that. It is strange to have colleagues who have but the scant memory of young children of that day.

For me and most New Yorkers of a certain age, it is a moment that exists outside of time, that is evoked whenever we see the Twin Towers in an old movie or television show. The tribute of lights each year stops us in our tracks. But this year is different. This year, the greatest city on earth is suffering more than it ever has since that evil act was perpetrated on it.

The tragedy of the lockdown is very different from the tragedy of 9/11. The latter was a quick gut punch, a day of horror. We remember seeing footage of hospitals awaiting emergency victims who never arrived because their bones were

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