New Utah Law Requires Biological Dads To Pay Pregnancy Support

New Utah Law Requires Biological Dads To Pay Pregnancy Support

A new bill in Utah is requiring biological fathers to pay financial support to a woman during her pregnancy. The measure, H.B. 113, changes the Utah Child Support Act “in relation to medical costs of pregnancy,” essentially requiring a father to pay half of an expectant mother’s pregnancy costs.

The text of H.B. 113 reads:

This bill: defines terms; and requires a biological father to pay 50% of a mother’s: insurance premiums while she is pregnant; and pregnancy-related medical costs, including the hospital birth of the child, that are not paid by another person. 

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Republican Governor Spencer Cox signed the piece of legislation last month. The bill also stated that if someone’s paternity status is questionable, the father will not be required to pay any support until after the paternity is confirmed. The father also won’t have to pay for an abortion if he did not consent to it unless it is done in order to save the mother’s life or if the

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