NEW EMAILS HIGHLIGHT The Gates And Fauci Connection

NEW EMAILS HIGHLIGHT The Gates And Fauci Connection

The more we find out about Fauci the less we trust him.

It was reported earlier that Fauci and Gates were connected, and had plans for how to handle The Covid-19 outbreak. This is not news in and of itself, but now we have some of the actual communication between the two.

According to emails first obtained by The Washington Post, Gates and Fauci discussed vaccine options among other things. Could it be that the two had more sinister plans in store for humanity?

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Judging by either one’s track record I wouldn’t rule it out.

Take a look:

Robert Kennedy Jr. explains the relationship between Fauci and Gates.

— TheM0dAlice (@M0dThe) May 30, 2021

Dr Judy Mikovits tried to blow the whistle on Dr fauci. But after she was black balled for trying to do that years before covid. Read her story. Fauci and Gates are in this. Involving China and infecting the world. Prison!!!!

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