Never Trump Flake to Turkey

Never Trump Flake to Turkey

President Joe Biden has nominated former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, a prominent “Never Trump” Republican, as his choice for U.S. Ambassador to Turkey.

The White House revealed Flake’s nomination on Tuesday, with a bio:

Jeffry L. Flake is currently a Distinguished Fellow at Arizona State University and a Distinguished Fellow at the Sorensen Center for Moral and Ethical Leadership at Brigham Young University. He also serves on the Senior Advisory Committee at Harvard’s Institute of Politics. Flake was a Member of Congress for 18 years, representing Arizona in the U.S. Senate (2013-2019) and the U.S. House of Representatives (2001-2013), where he served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee. A frequent public speaker, he is also a former contributor for CNN and CBS News. Flake is a Director of Taylor Morrison, a home builder in Scottsdale, Arizona, and a former Executive Director of

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