Netflix’s ‘Army Of The Dead’ Made Zombies And Heists Boring

Netflix’s ‘Army Of The Dead’ Made Zombies And Heists Boring

How could a zombie heist film possibly be boring? Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” somehow manages to answer that question, with an awesome concept bogged down by a torturous two-and-a-half-hour runtime, dull characters, and surprisingly banal action.

The film follows a former mercenary who assembles a team to rob a casino in zombie-infested Las Vegas just days before the U.S. government drops a nuclear bomb to destroy the city and its undead inhabitants. Alongside this horror heist is a subplot about an oppressive refugee camp filled with the potentially contaminated and an attempted link with the mercenary’s estranged daughter.

With the right material, Snyder is a brilliant director, capable of crafting tense, exciting, immersive action movies. “Watchmen” is a superb film, blending richly drawn characters, exciting fight sequences, and bold philosophical questions in an exceptional adaptation of Alan Moore’s iconic graphic novel. “300” is wildly fun, with phenomenal action set pieces, endlessly quotable dialogue, and perfect use

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