Netflix ‘Cuties’ Debacle Exposes Film Industry’s Conservative Crisis

Netflix ‘Cuties’ Debacle Exposes Film Industry’s Conservative Crisis

The chasm between professional critics and consumers over Netflix’s “Cuties” only tells part of the story.

The French film, added to the streaming giant’s lineup this week, follows an 11-year-old Muslim girl enduring a series of personal struggles. She ends up joining an all-girl dance team where she twerks, grinds and more.

Yes, viewers must endure young actress Fathia Youssouf performing as if she were separating grown men from their stripper budgets. And she’s joined by a small group of fellow pre-teen girls doing the same.

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The film’s writer/director Maïmouna Doucouré told reporters recently that “Cuties” criticizes how modern culture hyper-sexualizes young girls. That’s a noble, and timely, theme, but one she explores by shooting young girls in an extremely sexual manner.

Think extended close ups of pre-pubescent crotches and more.

One clip from the film, currently making the rounds on social media, lasts for more than a minute and shows dance moves you might see on a Madonna tour.


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