Netanyahu Era Looks Set to End as Rival Bennett Joins 'Change' Bloc

Netanyahu Era Looks Set to End as Rival Bennett Joins 'Change' Bloc

Right-wing party leader Naftali Bennett announced he plans to join Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid in a unity government that will unseat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years in office and see a motley coalition formed between right-wing, centrist and leftist parties.

“There are still plenty of obstacles in the way of the formation of the new government,” Lapid said during a faction meeting on Monday according to a translation of his remarks by the Times of Israel. “That’s our first test. To see if we can find smart compromises in the coming days to achieve the greater goal.”

He went on to say despite this, Israel would be ushered into a “new era” within the week.

“Suddenly it will be quieter, ministers will go to work without inciting, without lying, without trying to instill fear all the time,” he said.

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The proposed government would see a rotational premiership in which

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