NC House speaker accuses Democrats on police funding issue

NC House speaker accuses Democrats on police funding issue

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – House Speaker Tim Moore and some Republican sheriffs on Monday accused Democratic legislative candidates of pushing to reduce police funding if elected this November, citing a liberal-leaning group’s policy platform.

The Democrats’ leader in the chamber, Rep. Darren Jackson of Wake County, said the pledge that many party candidates agreed to and cited by the Cleveland County Republican contained no demand to “defund the police.” He accused Moore of making “another set of blatant lies.”

Moore cited a pledge promoted by the group Future Now, a nonpartisan issues group. The group’s separate political arm gave $50,000 to the state Democratic Party in June and contributions in March to nearly a dozen House Democrats.

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The broad “America’s Goals” statement that Future Now has asked candidates to sign makes no reference to cutting police funding. Moore cites an explanation for one of those goals on another web page. The group backs model legislation that seeks ways to

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