NBC News Highlights UV Light 'Sanitizing' Against Coronavirus

NBC News Highlights UV Light 'Sanitizing' Against Coronavirus

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt reported Monday evening that ultraviolet (UV) light is “now one of the weapons zapping the coronavirus.”

President Donald Trump was widely ridiculed — including by NBC — for touting similar technology in April.

On Monday, NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reported:

From the subway system in New York, to a restaurant in Arizona, to this classroom in Missouri, UV light is now one of the weapons zapping the coronavirus.

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Ultraviolet light is a band of electromagnetic radiation that’s invisible to the human eye. It’s powerful but has also been considered dangerous. But a new technology, far-UVC, is safer. It’s being used to kill viruses even with humans around, even in Seattle’s iconic space needle.

The NBA’s Orlando Magic started using UV light at its practice facility last year, even before COVID-19.

Still, experts warn not all UV sanitizing devices are equally effective. While

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