NBC News Debunks Mayorkas 'Border Is Closed' Claim

NBC News Debunks Mayorkas 'Border Is Closed' Claim

Alejandro Mayorkas, Joe’s Biden’s border chief, has repeatedly claimed that “the border is closed” — and now one of the main establishment TV networks finally took the time to refute his claim.

NBC News’s Julia Ainsley reported June 2:

When he took office, President Joe Biden loosened rules at the border, letting children without parents cross — but agents were supposed to expel all other undocumented migrants.

The policy allows the Biden administration to say, “The border is closed.”

In reality, the border is not closed. Under Biden, the determination of who stays and who goes has become a lottery with winners and losers.

The news segment was not produced as a “Fact-Check” of Mayorkas, who is not mentioned in the article, even though he is the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

But it is a veiled criticism of Mayorkas for repeatedly claiming the border is closed.


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