Navajo voters lose bid for special protections

Navajo voters lose bid for special protections

A group of Navajo voters lost their bid Thursday for special voting rules, after a federal appeals court said they lacked standing to bring their lawsuit, and besides, the extra time they were asking to get their ballots in just isn’t feasible.

The decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was a blow to voting-rights activist, who have pushed for expanded mailing times and procedures across the country.

Six Navajo Nation members said mail is so slow on the reservation in northern Arizona that they should have extra time to get their ballots in. They asked that as long as the ballot was postmarked by Nov. 3, that should be good enough. State law requires ballots to have been received by that date.

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The plaintiffs said the new rules should only apply to Navajo Nation members who live on the reservation.

But the judges said it’s impossible for election officials to know who’s a Navajo member living

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