National Guard deployed to Oregon to help contain wildfires

National Guard deployed to Oregon to help contain wildfires

The National Guard joined at least seven states Tuesday sending help to Oregon as its governor requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration as it struggled to contain dozens of wildfires ravaging the region.

California has still seen the brunt of deaths, accounting for 24 of the 33 confirmed West Coast wildfire fatalities, but Oregon has been overwhelmed by at least 35 wildfires that saw more than 10 percent of the state evacuated.

With dozens still missing, Gov. Kate Brown begged for more help — even as assistance came from across the US and even Canada.

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“One week into this wildfire crisis, our state has been pushed to its limits,” Brown tweeted late Monday.

“It’s hard to wrap our heads around the pain and suffering so many Oregonians have endured over these few days,” she said.

President Trump approved federal emergency aid last week, but the governor said Monday that she requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration, hoping it would bring even

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