NASCAR's Kyle Larson: 'I Know Deep Down I'm Not a Racist'

NASCAR's Kyle Larson: 'I Know Deep Down I'm Not a Racist'

NASCAR driver Kyle Larson, once fired for using the N-word, has taken to television to let America know that while he said something racist, “deep down” he is not a racist.

During a Friday appearance on CBS This Morning, Larson gave viewers an insight into what he’s gone through in the months since his firing from Chip Gnassi Racing for using the N-word during a live broadcast of a virtual racing game on NASCAR’s website.

“I know deep down I’m not a racist,” Larson told host James Brown.

Larson added, “I understand people who might not know me, they might not believe it or think I’m just checking the box. And I feel like I’ve definitely grown more in these last six months than I have in the 28 years I’ve been alive.”

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According to Yahoo!:

Larson’s apologies come as he could return to NASCAR as soon as the 2021

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