Nancy Pelosi's proxy-voting scheme is unconstitutional

Nancy Pelosi's proxy-voting scheme is unconstitutional

The public expects elected representatives to engage in debate, exchange ideas, and work to find solutions to the problems of the day. As our country continues to rebound from the global pandemic, our leaders in Congress play an essential role in giving their constituents a voice. With millions returning to work and millions more wanting to return, so too is it possible for members of Congress to work in a safe and responsible environment on behalf of our citizens during these trying times.

Nancy Pelosi seemingly believes the exact opposite. Congressional Democrats have already been taking steps to expand Pelosi’s unconstitutional proxy voting scheme — adopted on a strictly party-line basis this past May — and institute an unproven and insecure “text to vote” voting system. Not only would such a scheme make it difficult, if not impossible, to guarantee the vote cast actually belongs to the representative supposedly casting it, preventing members from seeing each other

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