Naked woman gets stuck between two buildings in California

Naked woman gets stuck between two buildings in California

A naked woman got wedged between two buildings in California on Tuesday, prompting a bizarre two-hour emergency rescue, reports said.

The unidentified woman is seen in news footage lying on the ground — squeezed into a space about eight inches wide between industrial buildings in the city of Santa Ana.

Only the woman’s skin, back tattoos and shoes are visible from above looking down into the tight space below.

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It isn’t clear how long she was trapped — or how she ended up in the tight spot.

“We’re not 100 percent sure how she got there,” Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Thanh Nguyen told KTLA.

“Right now that’s a mystery to all of us here.”

Rescuers worked for two hours to free the woman who was stuck between the buildings.KTLA

Rescue workers received the emergency call at around 2 p.m. after workers in the buildings heard panicked calls for help – but at first no one was

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