N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Denies Science Again: “None Of What He Said Is True”

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Denies Science Again: “None Of What He Said Is True”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently denied Trump’s comments about the newly developed COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer — claimed to be 90 percent effective — once again affirming his denial in the science surrounding COVID-19.

During an Operation Warp Speed update on Friday, President Donald J. Trump announced America will have millions of COVID-19 vaccinations distributed throughout the states. According to Trump, however, New York would not be receiving the vaccine until Cuomo approved it.

“As soon as April, the vaccine will be available to the entire general population, with the exception of places like New York state where for political reasons, the governor decided to say … he wants to take his time with the vaccine. He doesn’t trust where the vaccines are coming from,” Trump said. “These are coming from the greatest companies anywhere in the world’s greatest labs in the world, but he doesn’t trust the fact that it’s this White House, this administration.”

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“Governor Cuomo

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