MyPillow Steps Up, Begins Manufacturing Face Masks for Medical Workers


The private sector is stepping up once again, showcasing the ingenuity and willingness of the American people to serve.

MyPillow has announced that the company will begin manufacturing face masks for hospitals all around the country.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages globally, medical supplies are running low.

Face masks are one of the items that hospitals need the most.

MyPillow took to Twitter to make the encouraging announcement:


While Democrats insist that President Trump utilize the Defense Production Act (DPA) to force private companies to make medical equipment, the reality is that the private sector is stepping up all on its own.

MyPillow was founded by Mike Lindell, whose powerful testimony reminds us that anyone in life can make a different.

Lindell is a crack-addict-turned-Christian who turned his life around and now makes it his mission to help others.

The Hill has more details on the announcement:

A pillow manufacturing company

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