‘My Mom Got Ordained Online,’ And Other Tales From COVID Brides

‘My Mom Got Ordained Online,’ And Other Tales From COVID Brides

Since March, “COVID brides” have captured everyone’s sympathies. Many couples postponed their ceremonies, celebrated without beloved family members, or had to uninvite guests to meet government-imposed regulations. But between challenges and changed plans, these newlyweds found a refreshing amount of normalcy — and a reminder of what lasts.

Elizabeth and Matthew Cochran

Before Elizabeth and Matthew fell in love, she was dating his high school best friend. She was so impressed with Matthew that she tried to set him up with a friend of hers. But a few years passed, and Elizabeth reconnected with Matthew in college.

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As soon as they started dating in the summer of 2019, Elizabeth felt called to get married the following summer — but a wedding soon didn’t seem feasible. When the shutdowns started and Elizabeth watched her friends pull together weddings at the last minute, she realized it might be possible for her too.

“During this crazy time, people are doing

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