Mueller Witness George Nader Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Crimes


Key Mueller witness George Nader has just plead guilty to charges he was facing of possession of child pornography and child sex trafficking, earning him a sentence of at least 10 years behind bars.

If his name rings a bell, that’s because aside from being a witness for Mueller and former adviser to the United Arab Emirates, Nader is also facing accusations of illegally funnelling MILLIONS to political campaigns, including those of Hillary Clinton and Adam Schiff.

Take a look at the breaking news of his guilty plea that hit Twitter:

George Nader pleads guilty to possessing child porn and transporting a minor for sexual purposes; will get a sentence of at least 10 years in prison

— Rachel Weiner (@rachelweinerwp) January 13, 2020

George Nader, a key witness in the Russia investigation, pleaded guilty to two sex crimes involving minors

— CNN (@CNN) January 13, 2020

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