MSNBC's Wallace: Trump Is ‘Running as a Plague-Spreading Racist'

MSNBC's Wallace: Trump Is ‘Running as a Plague-Spreading Racist'

Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” host Nicolle Wallace said President Donald Trump was “running as a plague-spreading racist.”

She made those remarks while discussing the president retweeting  a video on Twitter on Sunday morning, showing a man in a golf cart with Trump campaign gear shouting “white power.”

Nicolle Wallace said, “We are on the cusp of real change, real breakthroughs in parts of the country where there was, for a long time, a lot of public opinion in the opposite direction. You now have 76% of Americans who self-identify as being aligned with the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s up 26 points from 2015, the last time some of those questions were asked. But Donald Trump is an outlier. I watched this video that he tweeted. It is some of his supporters in a golf cart, screaming “white power” at the top of their lungs to Trump protesters. Trump

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