MSNBC's Wallace: Right-Wing Media Pushing 'Alternate Reality,' 'Interviewing Lunatics'

MSNBC's Wallace: Right-Wing Media Pushing 'Alternate Reality,' 'Interviewing Lunatics'

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace said Monday on her show “Deadline” that Fox News and other “right-wing media” are creating an “alternate reality.”

Wallace said, “I was off a couple of days last week. I tuned in to a little Fox News in prime time and was aghast. I mean, they are pumping flagrant lies into millions of viewers. They’re interviewing lunatics. They call them lawyers, not sure how many of them have law degrees, saying there are a million votes here, observers here. These cases have been filed. They’ve gone before judges that were Democratic and Republican appointees, and they’ve all been thrown out. Do you share president Obama’s concern about the alternate universe of fact-free information that’s being pumped into trump’s base?’

Network host Al Sharpton said, “We’re now in a nation where facts don’t matter. You make up facts. And not only do you have an alternative reality,

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