MSNBC’s Reid Warns Maricopa Recount “Defiling American Democracy”

MSNBC’s Reid Warns Maricopa Recount “Defiling American Democracy”

One thing we love about Joy Reid is she takes telling you what to believe and how to think, very very seriously.

Most of us don’t operate at the same intelligence as her. She knows this.

She’s like a mother shouting “Stove! Hot!”. Joy knows that the only way to get the “Average Bob” to grasp what she’s trying to tell them is to use words that startle them.

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That’s why in her monologue on MSNBC, she titled the voter recount efforts in Maricopa county as “The Absolute Worst”. Never mind genocide in Asia, rigged elections in Venezuela, and terrorists in the middle east. No, the absolute worst is a legally obtained, fully transparent recount ensuring that every vote is counted.

How do you get dim people to see past the obvious charade of transparency, integrity, and the legal process to realize what’s really going on? Easy, you shout scary words loudly and often.

Commoners will eventually bend to

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