MSNBC’s Brian Williams Equates Antifa With D-Day Veterans

MSNBC’s Brian Williams Equates Antifa With D-Day Veterans

On the eve of the 77th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, MSNBC aired an ad from The Lincoln Project that called the soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy members of “Antifa” — the left-wing group responsible for mass political violence nationwide.

Brian Williams closed Friday’s edition of “The 11th Hour” by showing a portion of the ad, which opens by asking, “Who is Antifa?”

Williams presented the video as a patriotic homage to the Greatest Generation.“Last thing before we go tonight, an important anniversary [is] coming up this weekend,” Williams said. “We hope you can take a moment and remember it.”

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He went on to call Operation Overlord “beyond bold; it was outlandish. Over 150,000 men invad[ed] the French coastline under withering German fire to begin their march across Europe, where they would go on to win World War II 336 days later.”

“While others will debate whether or not we could possibly mount such a thing today as broken as we

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