MSNBC Host Shares Chinese Anti-American Propaganda

MSNBC Host Shares Chinese Anti-American Propaganda

MSNBC, which frequently accuses its critics of spreading foreign propaganda, saw one of its own prime time hosts share a Chinese government “news” agency’s image intended to denigrate the U.S. as it celebrated Independence Day.

Chris Hayes, who anchors “All In” during the 8 p.m. Eastern time slot opposite Tucker Carlson, retweeted an image from Xinhua News Agency that presented American constitutional liberties as the gateways to mass violence.

Xinhua tweeted a message on July 5, the legal observance of Independence Day this year, saying, “How a gun-happy nation spends its #FourthofJuly weekend.” The accompanying editorial cartoon shows two well-to-do men toasting while a wild-eyed street thug stands on a blood-spattered grave firing an AR-15 with one hand and a semiautomatic pistol with the other. The caption reads, “To Freedom … Of Shooting!”

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Hayes seemed to take that example of state-run media at face value, indicating that it could help Americans understand what the rest of the world genuinely believes about the

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