Mothers of Missing Cuban Protesters to March Nationwide

Mothers of Missing Cuban Protesters to March Nationwide

The mothers of protesters missing since anti-communist marches erupted nationwide in Cuba on July 11 are planning to take the streets of the island on Wednesday demanding to know what the regime did to their children.

The protest is expected to be the largest national anti-communist event within Cuba since the July 11 protests. International news outlets have struggled to document the ongoing protests since July 11 as the Castro regime shut down internet access nationwide following a rapid deluge of videos of police using live ammunition against unarmed protesters began to surface from the country.

Assembly of the Cuban Resistance

The Movement of July 11 Mothers, a newly formed support group, is reportedly organizing large-scale demonstrations against the regime’s treatment of their children, who they assert are legitimate protesters and not “delinquents” as the communist authorities have described them, the independent outlet Cubanet – which had several

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