Mother Says She May Declare 8-Year-Old Son ‘Non Binary’ So He Doesn’t Have To Cut His Long Hair


An 8-year-old boy’s hair has become the center of a new “discrimination” debate swirling around the U.K. that has even prompted the boy’s mother to float the idea of listing him as “non-binary” in order to keep the flowing locks that helped him rise to fame on Instagram.

In a story covered by multiple British outlets, including the BBC and the Daily Mail, Instagram sensation Farouk James, whose mother began a page for him when he was just 2 years old, is desperately trying to keep his long hair amid what his mother suggests are non-“tolerant” and “outdated” secondary school rules about boys’ haircuts.

The mother of the young male model — who has over 260,000 Instagram followers and has been flown all over the world in large part because of his unusually long, landing modeling gigs with the likes of Guess — is heading up a movement to force some secondary schools in England to change their grooming codes.

Appalled that the

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