Most Important Bitcoin Indicator Nears Bullish Flip: $150,000 Soon?

Most Important Bitcoin Indicator Nears Bullish Flip: $150,000 Soon?

In a recent analysis, James Coutts, Chief Crypto Analyst at Realvision, signaled a potential bullish turn in Bitcoin’s near future, attributing the forecasted change to shifts in global liquidity measures, specifically the Global Money Supply (M2) index which is widely seen as most important price catalyst. Coutts detailed this anticipation in a thread on X, where he examined the relationship between major economic indicators and Bitcoin’s price cycles.

Global Money Supply And Its Correlation With Bitcoin

Coutts’ analysis begins with the M2 money aggregates, which consist of cash, checking deposits, and easily convertible near money. He tracks these aggregates across the 12 largest economies, all adjusted to USD. This measure, he suggests, is central to understanding liquidity flows within the global fiat, credit-based financial system.

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